MAT 125: Fall 2017 Onground Schedule

Week : Day Assignments and Classwork .. What is Due..
1 : 8.22 Exercise 1 Assigned. Basic HTML. Text Styles. Add a thread on the Discussion Board introducing yourself. Read others, comment on some.
Set up your home work station.
2 : 8.29 Exercise 2 Assigned. Lists. CSS: Basic Document Styles. Exercise 1 Due
9.1.17 Last Day to drop w/o W
9.4 Labor Day
3 : 9.5 Exercise 3 Assigned. Working with images.
CSS: Image Placement & Background Images.
Exercise 2 Due
4 : 9.12 Exercise 4 Assigned. External and Internal Web Links.
CSS: Link Styles & Colors.
Project One Assigned. Day in the Life Website
Exercise 3 Due
ByThursday post on the Discussion Board what your Project 1 is about. [pet or shoe]
5 : 9.19 Refining Your Design: Using Google Fonts, Wrapper Divs,
Reviewing Simple Design Concepts.
Work on Project One
Exercise 4 Due.
9.22 Last Day to sign up for PASS/NO PASS
6 : 9.26 Work on Project One Index Page due for Project One
7 : 10.3 Exercise 5 Assigned. Forms Project One Due. Upload and view Source Code in FireFox. Correct coding errors.
Project One Critique. Break up into groups and post critiques on Discussion Board
8 : 10.10 Exercise 6 Assigned. Tables: Tabular Data and IFrames. Exercise 5 Due
9 : 10.17 Exercise 7 Assigned. The Box Model & Simple Rollover Navigation Exercise 6 Due
10 : 10.24 Exercise 8 Assigned. Simple Page Layout using CSS, Divs and IDs Plus Rollover Navigation Using Lists Exercise 7 Due
11 : 10.31 Project Two Assigned. Responsive Design & Business Site Web Research Exercise 8 Due
By Wednesday post on Discussion Board what your Fictitious Business Website for Project Three will be
12 : 11.7 Work on Project Two.
Exercise 9 Assigned : Simple Javascript
Popup Boxes, Rollover Links, Slideshows
Continue working on Project Two
11.10 Veteran's Day
13 : 11.14 Exercise 10: Responsive Design
Final Project Assigned. Fictitious Business Website
Project Two Due. Upload, view Source Code in FireFox and correct coding errors.
Project Two Review Due. Post in Discussion Board.
9.17.17 Last Day to Drop Class to Get a "W"
14 : 11.21 Exercise 10: Responsive Design Part 2 Work on Final Project
11.23-24 Thanksgiving
15 : 11.28 Javascript Demos: Light Box & Sliders.
Continue working on Final Project
Exercise 10 Due.
Continue working on Final Project
16 : 12.5 Work on Final Project All late and redo work is due.
17 : 12.12 Finals Week: Final Project Due Upload Final Project. View Source Code in FireFox and correct coding errors.
Final Project Critique Due. Post in Discussion Board.

Schedule is tentative and can by adjusted as needed by instructor   •   Online Class