MAT 125: Fall 2019 Online SCHEDULE

Date Assignment What's Due
INTRO: Course Prep
Check in by email to Instructor
Add a reply on Canvas Discussions introducing yourself.
Set up your PC or MAC for HTML work
Section ONE: Covering the Basics
9.4 Exercise 1 Assigned. Basic HTML. HTML Text Styles Discussions Introduction Due. Read & reply to some.
Computer Setup Screenshots Due.
9.6 Exercise 2 Assigned. Lists.
CSS: Basic Document Styles & CSS Inline Styles
9.9 Exercise 3 Assigned. Working with Images
CSS: Image Placement, Background Images, & Responsive Images
Exercise 1 Due. (15 PTs) & Exercise 2 Due. (30 PTs)
Learn how to upload homework to MAT Server
9.13 - Last day to drop without a W
9.16 Exercise 4 Assigned. External & Internal Web Links
CSS: Link Styles and Colors. CSS External Style Sheets
Exercise 3 Due. (30 PTs)
9.23 Download Brackets Free HTML Editor
Try Out Brackets.
Exercise 4 Due. (30 PTs)
9.25 Exercise 5 Assigned. Refining Your Design:
Using Google Fonts, Wrapper Divs,
Reviewing Simple Design Concepts
Submit a screen shot of your download of Brackets
(15 PTs)
9.27 Project One Assigned. Putting the pieces together
A Day in the Life Website
9.30 Work on Project One. Exercise 5 Due. (30 PTs)
10.3 - Last Day for Pass/NoPass
Section TWO: Taking the Next Step
10.9 Upload Project One. Check that files are working correctly.
Project One Due. (100 PTs)
10.9 Exercise 6 Assigned. Creating Forms   (30 PTs)
10.14 Exercise 7 Assigned. Tables, Tabular Data, & IFrames Exercise 6 Due. (30 PTs)
10.21 Exercise 8A Assigned. Simple Page Layout Using CSS. 5 New Tags - Header, Nav, Aside, Main, & Footer
Simple Rollover Navigation
Exercise 7 Due. (30 PTs)
10.28 Exercise 8B Assigned. Flexible Page Design Exercise 8A Due. (30 PTs)
11.4 Project Two Assigned.
Researching Responsive Design
Exercise 8B Due. (30 PTs)
Post a reply on Canvas Discussions
What Business will you use for Project 3?
HOLIDAY: NOV 11 - Veterans Day
11.18 Upload Project Two. Check that files are working correctly Project 2 Due. (120 PTs)
11.19 - Deadline for W Grade
Section THREE: Enhancing Functionality
11.19 Exercise 9 Assigned. Using Simple Javascript  
11.25 Exercise 10 Assigned. Simple Responsive Design  
HOLIDAY: NOV 28 & 29 Thanksgiving
12.2 Project Three Assigned.
Simple Responsive Business Website
Exercise 10 Due. (30 PTs)
12.9   Ex 9 Due. (15 PTs)
12.13 Upload Project Three.
Check that all files are working correctly
Project Three Due. (160 PTs)
* Schedule is tentative and can be changed at the discretion of the teacher. Updated 8.12.19