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Exercise 9:

In this exercise we will learn how to use some basic javascripts in a web page.

HTML Elements

  • <script> </script>
    • type="text/javascript"

Exercise Requirements

  • Find examples of simple javascripts online or on my website. Use one to three of them - each one correctly used is worth 5 points.


  • Optional


  • Optional

Design Process

  • Create a project folder named "Ex9"
  • Follow the usual procedure for making HTML documents.
  • Use at least one Javascript somewhere in your page. (Three separate pages with individual javascripts would be better).
  • Link all pages together.
  • Add an explanation of what the javascript is doing
  • Place all HTML docs, any linked docs and images in your project folder.
  • Review your work in a browser before uploading to the server.

Final Presentation

  • Upload your HTML documents to the server and view them in a browser.


This exercise is worth up to 15 points. Each working javascript that you use is worth 5 points for up to three. Link your pages.

Due Date

Text Reference

  • Chapter 1: pg 10 - 11
  • Review Lecture in Course Content on Blackboard

Online Demos


This exercise is worth 15 points.

  • Each completed Javascript example (5)
Exercise Nine Grading Rubric
Item/Points 5 10 15
JavaScript One Two Three

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