MAT 125: Web Design 1: Fundamentals : EXERCISES

Exercise 10:

In this exercise we will learn how to use some special HTML5 and CSS3 in a web page.

HTML Elements

  • See Demo Pages for Examples or look online

Exercise Requirements

  • This exercise is for extra credit. You will be required to build your final project using HTML5 and use at least one type of the special HTML5 or CSS3 that is covered in Ex10 in your final.


  • Optional

Design Process

  • Create a project folder named "Ex10"
  • Follow the usual procedure for making HTML documents.
  • Use one HTML5 or CSS3 design element per page. Try up to three on different pages.
  • Link all pages together
  • Place all HTML docs, any linked docs and images in your project folder.
  • Review your work in a browser before uploading to the server.

Final Presentation

  • Upload your HTML documents to the server and view them in a browser.


This exercise is worth up to 15 points. Each working page you create with a diffferent design element is worth 5 points for up to three. Link your pages together.

Exercise Ten Grading Rubric
Item/Points 5 10 15
HTML5 or CSS3 One Two Three

Due Date

Text Reference

  • Research the web for more information
  • Review Lecture in Course Content on Blackboard

Online Demos

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