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Uploading your Files to the School Server

Viewing your homework files from the server

Character Symbol Coding

  • Symbol Codes When you need a character symbol in your coding -- a small sampling of them from copyright symbols to accents to the umlot on a u

Cool Sites

  • A Library of DHTML - Dynamic HTML - Check this site out for some great stuff. The color charts are wonderful! Use them for color palettes

Color Links

Fix-it Tips

When things aren't working right - some common problems & solutions

Flow Chart Example

Flow Chart made in Illustrator.


Fonts for web use on Mac & PC

FREE Image Software for PC and now also for MAC!

Image and HTML Sliders


Image Use for the web

Try these links for free graphics and background images

Free HTML Editors

Javascripts - Add a little excitement to your pages

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

Page Design

  • Q&A - Some common questions on making your pages work

Website Improvements

I will add more links as you add them to the Discussion Board. It is easier if they are all in one place.

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