MAT 125: Web Design 1: Fundamentals : Character Symbols

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Because you asked about using character symbols I am adding a short list here. There are many others. I can add more as you ask for them.

The ones I am adding all start with the ampersand - & - then the specific coding and end with the semicolon - ;

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 &nbsp; non-breaking space  
© &copy; copyright ©2012
® &reg; registered trademark Design®
&#153; trademark Design™
¿ &iquest; inverted question mark ¿Qué pasa?
¡ &iexcl; inverted exclamtion mark ¡Qué Bonito!
< &lt; left carrot  
> &gt; right carrot  
( &#040; left parenthesis  
) &#041; right parenthesis  
&ldquo; left double quote  
&rdquo; right double quote  
&rsquo; right single quote - apostrophe  
&lsquo; left single quote  
&ndash; endash  
&mdash; emdash  
&hellip; horizontal ellipses  
° &deg; degree symbol 78°
À &Agrave; Capital A, grave accent  
Á &Aacute; Capital A, acute accent  
 &Acirc; Capital A, circumflex accent  
à &Atilde; Capital A, tilde  
&Atilde; Capital A, tilde  
Ä &Auml; Capital A, umlaut  
Å &Aring; Capital A, ring  
È &Egrave; Capital E, grave accent  
É &Eacute; Capital E, acute accent  
Ê &Ecirc; Capital E, circumflex accent  
Ë &Euml; Capital E, umlaut  
Ì &Igrave; Capital I, grave accent  
Í &Iacute; Capital I, acute accent  
Î &Icirc; Capital I, circumflex accent  
Ï &Iuml; Capital I, umlaut  
Ñ &Ntilde; Capital N, tilde MAÑANA
Ò &Ograve; Capital O, grave accent  
Ó &Oacute; Capital O, acute accent  
Ô &Ocirc; Capital O, circumflex accent  
Õ &Otilde; Capital O, tilde  
Ö &Ouml; Capital O, umlaut  
Ù &Ugrave; Capital U, grave accent  
Ú &Uacute; Capital U, acute accent  
Û &Ucirc; Capital U, circumflex accent  
Ü &Uuml; Capital U, umlaut  
à &agrave; Small a, grave accent  
á &aacute; Small a, acute accent  
â &acirc; Small a, circumflex accent  
ã &atilde; Small a, tilde  
ä &auml; Small a, umlaut  
å &aring; Small a, ring  
è &egrave; Small e, grave accent  
é &eacute; Small e, acute accent  
ê &ecirc; Small e, circumflex accent  
ë &euml; Small e, umlaut  
ì &igrave; Small i, grave accent  
í &iacute; Small i, acute accent  
î &icirc; Small i, circumflex accent  
ï &iuml; Small i, umlaut  
ñ &ntilde; Small n, tilde mañana
ò &ograve; Small o, grave accent  
ó &oacute; Small o, acute accent  
ô &ocirc; Small o, circumflex accent  
õ &otilde; Small o, tilde  
ö &ouml; Small o, umlaut  
ù &ugrave; Small u, grave accent  
ú &uacute; Small u, acute accent  
û &ucirc; Small u, circumflex accent  
ü &uuml; Small u, umlaut  

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