MAT 125: Web Design 1: Fundamentals : Some Quick Fixit Tips

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What to do When Your Project is Toast :

Start at the very top of the section that has disappeared. Look for :

  • missing " quote marks "
  • missing slashes / in closing tags
  • missing < carrots >
  • missing equals sign =

They are a frequent cause of pages toasting. For some reason the ending quote mark and closing carrot are the ones most often missing. Maybe because we are in a hurry?

Of course this is not always the answer - but it is a good place to start.
View your page in FireFox, go to the top menu, find View
Scroll down to View Source
Your code will show up color coded - with the errors in RED.
Before you think this is too easy, or I don't see a mistake...
Go to the tag right before and see if the piece that is missing belongs there.

CSS Errors

  • Did you remember to put a semi-colon ; after each declaration?
  • Put a colon between the property and the value - property: value;
  • Have an opening a closing curly brace { }

Your Image is NOT Loading. You Get the Dreaded XBox

  • Did you type the name in exactly? This is why short names are best.
  • Many browsers are case sensitive. If your file name has caps, your link tag must use them too.
  • Did you remember to upload the image file? We all forget this one once in a while.
  • Does it need to have a folder listed in the img src tag?. . .
    img src="images/cat.jpg"


  • Did you put img scr instead of img src? Even the book mentions that this is a common error.
  • Make sure you have spelled your tags correctly. The browser tries to help, but even they can't correct spelling errors

The more neatly you write your code, the easier it is to spot errors.