MAT125: Web Design Fundamentals Fall 2019: SYLLABUS

2003 is a Late Start Online Class. Class dates run from 9/3/19 - 12/14/19.

Be sure to check the Schedule to see when work is assigned and when it is due.

Instructor: Claudia Faulk
Contact by email

Course Description
This course introduces the fundamentals of building Web pages, including HTML coding, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), image optimization, web typography, interface design, basic JavaScript, and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for uploading websites. Students also learn about browser and platform issues, modern coding best practices, responsive design, and management techniques for personal websites.

For this class we will use:

  • Canvas. To login go to: You will login using your SURF ID and SURF password.   If you have problems logging in contact the Student Helpdesk
  • Email
  • My website - - for demos, exercise information, sample videos, and more
  • The MAT server - for uploading homework and projects
  • SFTP (secure file transfer system) - Filezilla for PC or Mac, WinSCP for PC or FUGU, Fetch or Cyberduck for Mac
  • The book listed below.
  • Plus you must have access to a computer to do the work required for this class.
  • Software: We will use TextEdit (MAC) or NotePad (PC), which are free programs included on your computers.

Be sure to become familiar with all of them.

Course Textbooks

Learning Web Design (5th Ed.)
by Jennifer Niederst Robbins
ISBN-13: 978-1491960202
ISBN-10: 1491960205

Important Semester Dates for Fall 2019 Class:
- Sept 3rd - First Day of this Online Class
- Sept 13 - Deadline to drop class with no record and receive refund
- Oct 3rd - Last day to change to Pass/No Pass grading option
- Nov 19th - Deadline to drop with "W" grade
- Dec 10-14 - Finals Week
- Dec 13th - Your Final Project is due

If you are going to miss class, please let me know ahead of time.
If you turn homework in LATE or REDO it, let me know by email.

*If you decided to stop attending/participating, you must DROP the class yourself. Do not expect me to drop you automatically. However if you stop turning in homework or attending class for 2 weeks, I may drop you.

Learning Objectives
The MiraCosta faculty believe that students who complete one or more certificates or degrees are systematic, critical, creative thinkers and clear communicators who are intellectually curious, technically proficient, aesthetically literate, and professional. To that end, the faculty has identified seven Student Learning Outcomes (SLO's) that apply directly to the high-level skills you are expected to possess in the workforce:

  1. Technical Skills
  2. Application of Discipline Skills
  3. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  4. Communication
  5. Professional Behavior
  6. Aesthetic Literacy and Appreciation
  7. Global Awareness and Responsible Citizenship

To achieve this goal, you are expected to achieve competency in the following course-level Student Learning Outcomes:

Performance Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to do the following:

  1. Conceive, plan, and design a website project
  2. Collect and compose images and text.
  3. Prepare and optimize media for web delivery
  4. Apply fundamental design principles to interface and navigation designs
  5. Write, debug, and optimize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for structure, presentation, and functionality
  6. Apply responsive web design techniques
  7. Arrange and assemble a website and upload it to a web server.
  8. Apply fundamental skills in file management and server procedures


Students with disabilities, whether physical, learning, or psychological, who believe that they may need accommodations in this class, are encouraged to contact Disabled Students Programs & Services as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely manner. Their phone number is 795-6658 and they are located in Building 3000-Student Services, Room 3009, adjacent to Parking Lot 3C.

LGBTQIA + Resources

MiraCosta College has an expressed commitment to equity and inclusion for students, faculty, and staff members who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual. The district employs a Campus Liaison for LGBTQIA+ needs, offers LGBTQIA Safe Space training, and has multiple student scholarships for members and active allies of the LGBTQIA+ community. For information about these and additional campus resources and services, visit:

Open Labs

MiraCosta College students have priority use in Open Labs. If the labs become busy, there is a two hour limit on use. Although lab technicians are available at all times, they do not serve as tutors. They can provide only 10 minutes of assistance per student help request. All work done in an Open Lab should be kept on the student's own storage media. Lab computers are shut down at the end of each day and all student data is deleted and is unrecoverable. For more information on MiraCosta Open Lab Policies visit:

Lab Hours

Computer lab hours are available to students in the Library and Information Hub. The library is generally open:

  • Mon - Thurs, from 7:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.
  • Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Class Attendance

If you decided to stop attending/participating, you must DROP the class yourself. Do not expect me to drop you automatically. If you do miss a series of classes without informing me of a good reason, I may drop you from class.

  • If you are going to miss class, please let me know ahead of time.
  • If you turn homework in LATE or REDO it, let me know by email.

Instructor to Student Contact:

Regular effective contact and interaction with the instructor will be maintained through weekly instructor-prepared electronic lectures and updates to the class website, weekly email announcements, active online discussion and question and answer forums, instructor feedback on student work, and through responding to student emails and/or other questions or postings in a timely manner. Online office hours, web conferencing or screen_sharing sessions will be scheduled as needed. If the instructor expects to be absent and unable to post materials and/or respond to email or discussion forums in excess of three or four days, she will notify the class and make other accommodations. If you have concerns about instructor contact or any other regard, please refer to the section on Students Rights in the MiraCosta College catalog.

Contacting the Instructor:

If you need to contact me please send emails to: Include your complete name at the end of the email. Include "MAT125" in the subject line so your email does not go into my spam folder.

Students can reasonably expect to hear back from the instructor within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) for most inquiries.

Office Hours are available at my office that is off campus (at my other business).

Grading & Evaluations:
Your final grade will be based on your performance on exercises, projects and participation on Canvas. Points for individual exercises and projects are awarded based on specific criteria for each exercise/project. A grading rubric is posted on each Exercise or Project sheet.

Total Possible Points = 680

  • Exercises [Weekly Homework]: 255 points (39%)
  • Project One: 100 points (15%)
  • Project Two: 125 points (18%)
  • Final Project: 180 points (27%)
  • Canvas and Class Participation: Extra Credit (that extra nudge that helps) - This includes asking questions and helping fellow students
90 - 100%630 - 700A
80 - 89% 560 - 629B
70 - 79%490 - 559C
60 - 69%420 - 489D
0 - 59%0 - 419F

Updated 8.18.19