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Exercise 5 Demo: Part B : Freeflowing Content

Part One: A page of content

That Flows Freely All Over the Page

Go to Part Two of Using Divs for Containing (Demo 5C)

This page is Part One of two. On this page the content will flow all over the page and adjust as you change the width of your browser window. Be sure to try it out...stretch the browser window wide, then narrow. Watch the content reflow, so there is no real page design. For this page I added a bunch of images as space filler and random text about the images.

Part Two will use a div tag to contain the content and be styled to set a page width. The page will have more structure, and the content will look a little more settled in place.

a picture of habaneros This is a picture of habaneros I took. Such pretty orange colors. succulant image

The succulant and flower pictures I took at the San Diego Fair in the Garden section. I like to walk through them and think about how elaborate these used to be when I was a kid. Now this section is very small and the Fair has become a bit like a swapmeet. How things change.

flowers flower

I do love taking pictures of flowers. I have some in my garden. Not as many as I would like. The bunnies in my yard like them too- but they prefer them for munching.


This dog came to the brewery with his owner. I call visiting dogs, "Dognitaries". Its pretty funny and people seem to like that.

chilis cinnamon

These chilies and cinnamon were at Northgate Market. They have a great selection on chilies to choose from. The habaneros were from one as well.