MAT 125: Spring 21 Online SCHEDULE

Date Assignment What's Due
INTRO: Course Prep
Check in by email to Instructor
Add a reply on Canvas Discussions introducing yourself.
Set up your PC or MAC for HTML work
Section ONE: Covering the Basics
2.9 Exercise 1 Assigned. Basic HTML. HTML Text Styles Discussions Introduction Due. Read & reply to some.
Computer Setup Screenshots Due.
2.16 Exercise 2 Assigned. Lists.
CSS: Basic Document Styles & CSS Inline Styles
Exercise 1 Due. (20 PTs)
Learn how to upload homework to MAT Server
2.22 Exercise 3 Assigned. Adding Images with HTML
CSS: Image Placement, Background Images, & Responsive Images
Exercise 2 Due. (30 PTs)
2.28 - Last day to drop without a W
3.1 Exercise 4 Assigned. External & Internal Web Links
CSS: Link Styles and Colors. CSS External Style Sheets
Exercise 3 Due. (30 PTs)
3.5 Download Brackets Free HTML Editor
Try Out Brackets.
3.8 Exercise 5 Assigned. Refining Your Design:
Using Google Fonts, Wrapper Divs,
Reviewing Simple Design Concepts
Exercise 4 Due. (30 PTs)
3.10 - Last day for Pass/No Pass
3.15 Project One Assigned. Putting the pieces together
A Day in the Life Website
Exercise 5 Due. (30 PTs)
Submit a screen shot of your download of Brackets (15 PTs)
3.22 - 3.27 SPRING BREAK
Section TWO: Taking the Next Step
3.29 Exercise 6 Assigned. Creating Forms Project One Due. (100 PTs)
Upload Project One files. Check that files are working correctly.
4.5 Exercise 7 Assigned. Tables, Tabular Data, & IFrames Exercise 6 Due. (20 PTs)
4.12 Exercise 8 Assigned. Simple Page Layout Using CSS. 5 New Tags - Header, Nav, Aside, Main, & Footer
Simple Rollover Navigation
Exercise 7 Due. (30 PTs)
4.19 Exercise 9 Assigned. Flexible Page Design Exercise 8 Due. (30 PTs)
4.26 Project Two Assigned.
Researching Responsive Design
Exercise 9 Due. (30 PTs)
Post a reply on Canvas Discussions
What Business will you use for Project 3?
5.3 - Last day to drop with a W
5.3 Upload Project Two. Check that files are working correctly Project 2 Due. (120 PTs)
Section THREE: Enhancing Functionality
5.10 Exercise 10 Assigned. Simple Responsive Design  
5.14 Extra Credit Assigned. Using Simple Javascript  
5.17 Project Three Assigned.
Simple Responsive Business Website
Exercise 10 Due. (30 PTs)
5.22   Extra Credit Due. (Up to 15 PTs) All Late & Redo work must be turned in.
5.28 Upload Project Three.
Check that all files are working correctly
Project Three Due. (160 PTs)
* Schedule is tentative and can be changed at the discretion of the teacher. Updated 12.31.20