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Uploading your Files to the School Server

Viewing your homework files from the server

Character Symbol Coding

  • Symbol Codes When you need a character symbol in your coding -- a small sampling of them from copyright symbols to accents to the umlot on a u

Cool Sites

  • A Library of DHTML - Dynamic HTML - Check this site out for some great stuff. The color charts are wonderful! Use them for color palettes

Color Links

Fix-it Tips

When things aren't working right - some common problems & solutions

Flow Chart Example

Flow Chart made in Illustrator.


Fonts for web use on Mac & PC

FREE Image Software for PC and now also for MAC!

  • GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program

Image and HTML Sliders


Image Use for the web

Try these links for free graphics and background images

Free HTML Editors

Javascripts - Add a little excitement to your pages

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

Page Design

  • Q&A - Some common questions on making your pages work

Website Improvements

I will add more links as you add them to the Discussion Board. It is easier if they are all in one place.

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