MAT 125: Exercises & Projects

Extra Credit: Using Simple Javascript

In this exercise we will learn how to use some basic javascripts in a web page. This exercise is for Extra Credit.

Exercise Requirements

Watch: the step by step Videos Lectures for the Extra Credit Exercise.
Read: Chapter 19-20. Follow along in the Demos for the Extra Credit Exercise. Be sure to experiment.

Folder Name: ExCr

Minimum Number of Pages/Documents Required for Exercise: 3

  • Create up to 3 pages.
  • Use one Javascript example per page.
  • Create up to 3 pages/3 examples of simple Javascript. Link all pages together. Be sure to include text that explains the javascript you are using. If you found it online, add a link to the source of the javascript you found in your footer.
  • All Pages in the Exercise Must Link Together.
  • Use Brackets HTML Editor to create your pages.

Page Content:

Use only one Javascript per page.

Review the Video pages for more information.

Points: Up to 15 - 5 points per working example.

Review the Demo pages for examples of some simple Javascript. Or search the web for Javascript. If you use ones you find, add a link to the pages you find them on.

Design Process

  • Create a project folder named "ExCr"
  • Follow the usual procedure for making HTML documents.
  • Use one Javascript per page. Create up to Three separate pages with individual javascripts.
  • Link all pages together.
  • Add an explanation of what the javascript is doing
  • Place all HTML docs, any linked docs, additional scripts and images in your project folder.
  • Review your work in a browser before uploading to the server.
Extra Credit Grading Rubric
Item/Points 1-2 3-4 5
Per Javascript Somewhat working Almost Works Works correctly


This exercise is worth up to 15 points.
5 points per Working Javascript (5)