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Exercise 8 Demo: All Together

Animal Farm Logo

The Animals at my House

Variety is the spice of life and home.

Having Pets is Part of Life for me.

Most of our pets have been found ones or given to us or have been rescued from a shelter. I did buy one puppy from a Pet Store because he looked too big to be in the cage he was in. So he was a "rescue" too. I gave him to my husband for Valentines Day quite a few years ago. He was a sweet dog, but not much smarter than a bag full of hammers as the saying goes.

We currently have only one dog (rescue from a friend that was moving to a state that would not take PitBulls), two inside cats (from a friend who could not keep them) and one outside cat (that someone left here), two red slider turtles (from two different people), and one Salcata Tortoise (walked into a neighbors yard).

Funny how when you put things into words you see a pattern happening... we love animals and like to see them safe and happy.