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Exercise 6 Demo: Part E : IFrames

This is the HTML you will need for Part E of the Demo 6

Frames : Inline Frames

Now we will try an Inline Frame, also know as an iframe. It is a great way to display information or photos.

You need to have at least two separate documents : this one, which has the iframe in it, and one to put in the iframe.

For this demo, I'll name the iframe "window", and show you how to put pictures or pages in it.



See a sample HTML page in the IFrame Page One

See Page Two in the IFrame.

See the code in the iframe.

As you can see, inline frames can be handy. They are great for displaying information in a small area. Or make a series of thumbnail images as hotlinks and put the larger versions of the image in the iframe. Try it!

To see a version of a page that has thumbnails that link html pages into the iframe go here

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