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Exercise 4 Demo: Part B : Linking - Using the Anchor Tag

This is the HTML you will need for Part B of Exercise 4.

Using Images as Links (Hot Links)

Now that you understand how to use links - what if you want to use an image as a link? Simple! Create an image link by placing the opening anchor tag <a>, then an image tag <img src="image.type" /> and then closing the anchor tag </a>. Instead of underlined text, your image has a border of the link color. You click on the image to move to the linked document. Your code would look like this:
<a href="flower.html" target="_blank">
<img src="images/flowersm.jpg" alt="flower" border="3" height="72" width="90">

The link looks like this:


Note the border attribute. With most links you get an underline. With a 'hot' image, you get a border. You can choose the width of this border by setting the value to a number in pixels. The default is "1". Turn the border off by putting border="0".

Email URLs

Create an email link so people can send you email right from your web page. The code could look like this:

<a href="mailto:you@your-email-address.com"> Send me some email </a>

Send me some email

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