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Exercise 1 Demo: Part D : Inline Elements

This is the HTML code you will need for Part D of Exercise 1.

Inline Elements add style to the text. They do not start a new line. They are physical style tags.

<!DOCTYPE html>

My First Web Page </title>


Be sure to start every HTML document correctly, using the code above. Write your code in lowercase.

Using HTML Text Styles or Inline Elements

This part of the demo covers Text Styles or Inline Elements. Use the following elements to enhance your text. Enclose the text you want enhanced inside a pair of these tags and see what happens. It can be a whole line of text or paragraph or just one letter.

The first two elements are used primarily for voice activated browser for the sight impaired, which is becoming an important issue. The way these elements is previewed varies depending on which browser you are using.

<p>This element <em> emphasizes text </em> in some way. It makes content italic.</p>

<p>This style element <strong> also styles text </strong> in some way. It makes content bold.</p>

The next set of tags enlarges or reduces the screen size of the text in relationship to the default font size set by the browser.

<p>This tag makes the type <big> bigger. </big> </p>

<p>This tag makes the type<small> smaller. </small></p>



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