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AP DIV Page One
- align top left

AP DIV Page Two
- align top center

AP DIV Page Three
- align center center

AP DIV Page Four
- z levels

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Main Content Area

This group of AP or Absolutely Positioned Divs is set to come directly off the left and top corner alignment.

The container is set at a width of 800px. The DIVs fit within it.

The banner has a position of Top: 0px and Left: 0px

The AP Div is accessed by using

Insert > Layout Objects > AP Div

The AP Div has a default size and position, but you can grab the handle or edge of the Div and move it or resize it manually or by adjusting the code.

You might roughly position or design your page by manually adding the divs, dragging them into place and resizing them and then use the code to refine the final positions and sizes.

View the source code to see the details.