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Webster Design The Webster Design website was created for the graphic design business that I run with my husband, John Webster. Started in 1986, we have worked with a variety of clients over the years.
Aztec Brewery This website, Aztec Brewery, was built for the brewery I am a partner in. We are reviving a piece of San Diego history but tailoring the product for today's marketplace. I update this website constantly to keep visitors informed on what's happening and what beer styles are currently available in the taproom and for sale in Southern California, Washington, Maryland and New York.
Luxury Air The Luxury Air website was built to be managed by in-house people. It was part of a complete marketing package we developed for the company.
Eaton Leonard The original Eaton Leonard website was one of the first ones I made using Adobe GoLive. I have rebuilt it several times. Last time included Flash animation. We have rebuilt it again using javascript slide shows to replace the Flash versions.
HomeBrewing 101 As my life changes, so does the leanings of my website building. HomeBrewing 101 was actually built as a school project, but I will finish it one day. I think lots of pictures and minimal text help people learn how to do something. And homebrewing is just fun. This website was built in a compact format to be easily viewed on a phone.
Choose Your Brew More classroom site building, but one that has educational properties... Choose Your Brew was built to help people understand some of the types of beers that are available and how they are made. Plus help them choose a beer that will match their palate.
Vista Brewers Guild The city of Vista asked the Vista Breweries to form a group or guild to help build a cohesive unit for interaction between them and the city. In winter of 2012 the Vista Brewers Guild was formed. The website makes it easy for visitors to find each individual brewery or see them as a whole.
TradeWinds Vacations The TradeWinds website contains a video overlay on each page that provides a narrative of the business options that are available for the customer.

Claudia Faulk Design

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Please enter the student version of the site through the MAT 125 link. It is completely different than this section. That part of the site is entirely hand-coded since the class was about HTML, XHTML & HTML5 hand-coding. That is one thing I love about websites - you can be in completely different worlds but still inside the same webportal.