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Jump Links which are officially known as Document Links are pretty handy little tricks to use. They work best on long web pages filled with text or images or both. You can use them to jump down a page or jump back up a page to get back to the top. To make this page work for Jump Links I will add a bunch of random text... so here comes a story about my animals.

The Turtles

We had a turtle when we lived at our last house. My husband found him walking down the road on the yellow line when he was driving to a job one day. He stopped, backed up, picked up the turtle and brought him back to me. He said - Here is a new pet for you. This was our first ever turtle. It was a box turtle. We also had a little rabbit, so I build a 10 foot by 10 foot cage and put them in there together. They becamse best friends and would walk around the cage together. Or just hang out. Or eat each others food. They were the best of buddies for about 9 years. Then one day the rabbit passed away. The turtle was sad because he was lonely.

We moved and I built him a new cage. I knew he was lonely so I finally called a turtle rescue place. Once they knew I had had him for a long time -- it had been 12 years by then -- they said I could have a friend turtle for him if I built him a turtle environment following their instructions. No tall cage (it had been chicken wire tall enough for me to walk in). It was to have a low wall, with a grassy area, a little water area and a sandy area. Came out really nice. I put him in it and he got out that night and disappeared. We looked and looked for him but did not find him

Several years went by... one of my neighbors down the street called me up and said- "Hey, we think we found your turtle." I thought - wow that would be awesome. So I go down the street and see this turtle that is probably about 18 inches at least and maybe 35-40 lbs. I am thinking ok.... unless there is some kind of radioactive zone between my house and theirs that maybe, just maybe this was not my turtle but some other random turtle instead. But I took it home in a wheelbarrow.

I am adding an ID to this h3. I named it "big" since we are talking about big turtles. I like my IDs to relate to the content especially if I am using them for jump links.

Big Turtles

I looked up turtles on Google and discovered that this turtle was an African Sulcata Tortoise and was also a girl. She could grow to weigh up to 150 pounds. And live to be over 100 years old. Definitely not my original box turtle. heehee. I build her a sturdy fence around one of our green houses. We build her a turtle house. Since she did not hibenate, we added a warming pad for her to stand or rest on to keep the cold away. She likes to walk around the cage and push on it to see if she can get out. And she has managed to get out a few times.

I am adding an ID to this h3. I named it "water" since we are talking about water turtles.

Water Turtles

Meanwhile we had a friend move in with us and she had a little red slider turtle. "He" had been living in an aquarium tank for a long time. We decided to make him a turtle paradise with a little pond and lots of plants. Meantime we built a temporary outside turtle area inside the tortoises pen. Of course the little turtle managed to get out of both pens -- we have no idea how he did it... but he disappeared. We were sad. We looked and looked. We searched all over the yard for days. I was going to give up but I took one more look. Well actually I decided to rake some weeds up while trying to think where else to look for the missing turtle... and low and behold, there, under the pile of weeds was a very sad, very dry little turtle. I picked him up and rushed him back to his little kiddy pool. Reinforced the little pen and though-- he needs some friends to swim with him. I will buy him some gold fish. Aha -- he was hungry so he ate some of them. But some became his friends.

I was so happy about finding the turtle that I posted on FaceBook that he was no longer lost. One of my friends wrote me back and said-- hey, you want another red slider? Their neighbor had one come in their yard. The neighbor thought it was one of my friend's turtles (they had box turtles) so they put it in their yard. It was twice as big as the box turtles, so the little box turtles were quivering in the corner. Of course I said yes we will take that turtle too so our little red slider could have another red slider friend!

We went back hard at work on the little turtle paradise. Got a very sturdy fence up, put rocks all around the bottom. Settled the pond in, filled it with water and got the pump running and put the two turtles in. They loved it. The funny thing about having a bigger environment... it helps them grow. So they keep growing, and shedding the surface of their shell pieces (no technical terminolgy here) so they can get bigger.

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More Turtles?

Just to keep things interesting... my nephew just texted about an hour ago and asked if I wanted another red slider. Someone found one in their yard after this last bunch of rain. Hm... do I need another one? Haven't made up my mind yet.

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