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Sophie and Lily are actually sisters. We inherited them from a friend who could not keep them. They live in the house with us. Sophie is fluffy, black with white splotches. She has a little white beard. She is sweet and not the smartest cat on the block. She mostly stays upstairs in our bedroom. She does wait for us on the stairs when we come home, to say hello and, most important, to ask, "Where's my dinner?"

Lily is sleek and slim, grey and white. She has a beautiful white mustache. She is the more adventurous of the two and likes to go outside once in a while and also hangs out downstairs in the kitchen or in the garage quite often. If we are eating, she sometimes asks for a nibble. You would almost think she is part dog. We got Lily first, from a friend who could only have one cat. But then she could have no cats, so we got Sophie a couple of months later. They were happy to be together again.

The outside cat is almost all black. We are not sure if it is male or female so I call it OC, or Outside Cat. OC just appeared one day asking for food. Didn't want to be touched. So we started feeding OC. This has been going on for quite a few years now. At first OC would try to bite us if we tried to pet her. But then she started rubbing against our legs, then we could give a quick pat on the back and now she likes a little bit of back scratching and lots of pats, but only when she feels like it. She likes to follow me around the yard when I feed the turtles or do some gardening or water my plants.