CBTE 162: Fall 2017 Online Schedule

Week : Day Assignments and Classwork .. What is Due..
Check in by email.
Add a thread on the Discussion Board introducing yourself. Set up your home work station.
1B : 8.22 Exercise One Assigned.
Basic HTML Elements. Text Styles.
Discussion Board Introduction Due. Read others, comment on some.
8.28 Last Day to drop class & receive a refund
2A : 8.28 Exercise Two Part One Assigned.
Using Lists. Reviewing Basic HTML
Exercise One Due
2B : 8.31 Exercise Two Part Two Assigned.
Adding Simple CSS Document & Inline Styles
Exercise Two Part One Due
9.5 Last Day to drop w/o W
3 : 9.5 Exercise Three Assigned.
External and Internal Web Links. CSS: Link Styles & Colors.
Exercise Two Part Two Due
4 : 9.11 Exercise Four Assigned.
Adding Images in Text and the Background
Exercise Three Due
5A : 9.18 Refining Your Design: Using Google Fonts, Wrapper Divs,
Reviewing Simple Design Concepts.
Project One Assigned.
Exercise Four Due
Post on the Discussion Board what your Project 1 is about by Wednesday. [pet or shoe]
5B : 9.22 Work on Project One Index Page due for Project One
6 : 9.25 Work on Project One  
7A : 10.2 Upload Project One. View Source Code in FireFox and correct coding errors. Project One Due
7B : 10.4 Exercise Five Assigned.
Simple Forms
10.6 Withdrawal Day
8 : 10.9 Exercise Six Assigned. More Page Layout + Rollover Navigation Using Lists Exercise Five Due
9 : 10.16 Exercise Seven Assigned. Flexible Design Exercise Six Due
10 : 10.23 Exercise Eight Assigned. Basic Responsive Design Exercise Seven Due
11 : 10.30 Project Two Assigned. Simple Business Site Exercise Eight Due
By Wednesday post on Discussion Board what your Fictitious Business Website will be
12 : 11.6 Work on Project Two.
12 : 11.9 Project Two is due.  
*Schedule is tentative and can be changed on the discretion of teacher.